10 Tricks To Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

Electricity bill can be a headache sometimes. During summer, this can lead to hundred’s of dollars wasted in bills. Every time we try to save some power, someone in our house ends up wasting it by just letting the garage light on for whole night. No matter how hard we try, the amount on electricity bill never changes. What should we do to reduce our electricity bill?

Follow these shockingly simple 10 Tricks To Save Money on Your Electricity Bill
Remember a penny saved is a penny earned. Your little steps in saving power and energy will lead you to a larger amount in savings.

10. Window Shades and Curtains.


During the day in winter, open your curtains so that the sunlight can come in and make your room warmer, and during hot summers, shut them tightly so the cold air from air conditions would not be able to escape. Opening windows while AC is running can waste a lot of energy and the AC has to work more to make up for that escaped energy.