9 Household Life Hacks You Never Knew

It feels so amazing when you know an easy way to perform a task, it always feels awarding when your friends think of you as some sort of genius. So here is our another list of 9 Household Life Hacks You Never Knew. We hope you enjoyed our last list of life hacks.

9. If you are using a straw to sip out a soda, use it this way


YES!!!! Soda cans have a methodical reasoning for their Tab design. Means when you open a soda can tab, it can be spun around and can be used as a straw holder.

8. Boiling over??


When you put a pot of water on a stove it starts boiling over and causes mess all over. There is one solution for this problem. Just place a wooden spoon on the top of the pot, it will pop the bubbles and keep it from boiling over as quickly and you will get more time to turn the heat down.

7. That two plungers have their specific jobs


Plungers mostly used in toilets have narrow necks and the ones with wife necks are to be used in sinks.

6. Pick up boxes easily


Make a small section on each side of the boxes as shown in the image above, so that you can insert your fingers and lift them easily. Moving can be fun!

5. Toilet seat cover

The disposable toilet seat cover’s flap should be placed in the bowl and the flap should be in front. So, whenever you flush the toilet, the seat cover gets flushed with it and there is no need to get your hands dirty by pulling it out of the toilet and making a mess. Watch the video above to get the clear picture.

4. Hold your spoon easily.


Easy and smart way to hold your spoon is to hold it like a pencil from the middle.

3. Blender cleaning


Just add some water in the blender and turn it on, it will get clean by self.

2. Peanut butter


Placing peanut butter upside down will prevent it from getting dry.

1. Ordering Chinese food?

Your Chinese takeout containers are actually made to fold out into plates.