9 Real People With Actual Super Powers

Super powers, according to movies are extra strength to perform a task or to blow up an alien easily. People with super powers look exactly same like normal people, but they have hidden powers, same as in real life, there are handful number of people who have these type of super powers, they cannot blow up an alien spaceship, but their powers are amusing and often leaves one speechless. So here is the list of Real People With Actual Super Powers.

9. The Rubber Man


The most flexible man alive. Daniel Browning Smith, the rubber man who can stretch his whole body just as it was made of rubber. He owns 3 records as a rubber boy in Guinness book of world records.

8. Iron Teeth Man

michel lotito

Michel Lotito from France has teeth stronger than iron. He can eat metal, glass and even more crazy stuff as if it was a cookie.

7. Eye Popper


Claudio pinto has a great ability to pop out his eyeballs from his eye-socket.

6. Freezing man


Wim Hof the Ice guy. He has a great ability to not be affected by cold temperatures. He went to the Mount Everest in just a pair of bicycle shorts. The human body can not survive on Mount Everest without any kind of protection and enough oxygen supply. Because the temperatures there can vary between -35 degree Celsius to -65 degree Celsius, normal human cannot survive without any protection on his body.

5. Extreme Fasting Person


A person named Prahlad Jani claims to have lived without water or any food supply for over 65 years, Ever since he was blessed by goddess Amba, since then he has lived off nectar that trickles down through a hole in his palate.

4. Man Who Never Sleeps


A person named Thai Ngoc has claimed to have not taken a single night’s sleep since last 11,000 days but he is still healthy and he can farm like other people. Lack of sleep is not affecting his regular activities.

3. Super Human Reflexes


A Japanese Iaido master who holds numbers of records on his name for his sword skills and super-human reflexes. His name is Isao Machii. He is very popular for chopping up items coming out of the air. He is the modern samurai.

2. Great Torture King


A man who suffers no pain. Tim Cridland has abilities to tolerate torture. He can make needles and screws to pass through various body parts.

1. Magnetic Man


The magnetic man: Liew Thow Lin. He has a great ability to stick metal on his body magnetically. He can make metal objects weighing up to 2 Kg each and up to 36 Kg total stick to his skin.