9 Tips for Staying Cool During Hot Summer

The Lovely Summer! Everyone loves those beautiful tans and wearing shorts on the beach. Ladies especially get slim during summer to show off their lean bodies. But Staying cool and try not to get a heat stroke becomes number #1 priority. So here are 9 tips for staying cool during hot summer.


9. Focus on your diet.


What you are eating is more important. During hot days eat to stay cool. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and salad. If you can avoid meat and heavy foods with protein then do so. Because protein needs more metabolism, During protein metabolism process heat produces in a body so it will lead your body to high temperature and loss of water. Instead of hot food try lighter and small amount of food at regular intervals.


8. Plan ahead for going out.


Stay out of the sun while it is hot. Plan your day with inside activities. Change your time for outdoor exercising. Planning will decrease your unnecessary sun exposure. If you need to go out for long road trip, keep sufficient water supply for rehydration. If you choose to head out on a hot day, wear cap or hat.


7. Maintain body temperature during hot days.


For maintaining body temperature, you can apply an ice pack to your wrist it helps to calm the blood stream in veins, or you can just run cold water on your wrist. shower twice a day especially before going to bed. Be aware of what are you wearing. Wear loose, cool and lighter colors. Cotton will help you to stay cool and comfortable. Keep your body cool by dunking your feet in cold water. Fill spray water bottle with water and keep it in a freezer you can use it as a quick face freshener.


6. Increase fluid intake


When it’s hot outside make sure you drink plenty of liquid. Start filling your tank by increasing fluid intake. Stay totally hydrated. Water and sports drinks are fantastic during hot days. It will save you from dehydration and heat-related illness. Drinking water will help you lower body temperature by sweating process. Water is best fluid to drink if you don’t even feel thirsty. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Stay away from sugary drinks. Minimize caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee; they may cause dehydration. By checking your urine color, you can find how much hydrated you are. If your urine is dark in color, then you need to drink more water to stay hydrated.


5. Be smart about your doors


Keep your blinds, doors and windows closed when you are out of the home, It will lower indoor temperature and you will find a beautiful and refreshing place to stay when you get back. Closed blinds won’t let the heat in from outside. Make your own swamp cooler simply by placing a large wet piece of fabric on a fan or A.C. It will throw chilled air. Keep portable fan set as the desired setting will make you comfort. Keep the unnecessary lights off because they produce heat and higher your room temperature and will get you feel hot.


4. Dress simply


Wear a simple dress. Wear natural fiber summer clothing like cotton and silk rather than polyester and rayon. Wear light color, dark color will absorb sun rays and produce heat in the body. Cover yourself with natural fabric and loose fitting.
Protect your body with intense sun rays by wearing sunscreen lotion. Wear less makeup.


3. Wear breathable footwear


Wear airy shoes and avoid brand new leather shoes that can cause blisters on hot sunny days. Your feet have pulse points. Sometimes our feet gets much sweat than any other part of our body, and it starts stinking. When you go to beach or pool, wear water shoes. It will protect your feet from sunburn, hot sand, and other sharp things. Flip flop and sandals are great for summer.


2. Sleep in a cozy attitude.


Swap your comforter in a light weight sheet. If you are still feeling hot and sweatier sleep in a cozy pose. Be a lone wolf. Sleeping alone is a real trick to staying cool. Cuddling may produce body heat. Fold your bed sheets and put it in a plastic bag. Keep that in a freezer for few minutes, take it out afterward. Spread it on a bed and feel cold. It won’t keep you cold whole night but can give comfort to beat the heat.


1. Let the night air come in.


Nights are cooler than days, in summer. Open the windows except mosquito net, It will let the air come in. During nights, chilled wind brings chilled air inside. Turn off all lights and unplug the unnecessary electronic devices. Use cross ventilation.