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  • All iPhone Generations Launched Till 2016

    Apple Inc is top on the list of most successful business in IT industries. Everyone has a dream to own the latest iPhones. Third world countries are craving for the new phone models these days. Apple Inc is launching new iPhones every year with some new features that attracts the customers and their needs. Having […]

  • This Viral Video Will Get Stuck In Your Mind!


    There is a crazy and weird trend of things to go viral even if they do not make any sense. Same happened with this song from Japan. The song is created by “PIKO TARO” from Chiba, Japan. Once you listen to it, it gets stuck in your mind, anywhere you go, you will be humming its […]

  • Taking Selfie With Snake – Worst Idea Ever!

    When taking a selfie, there are certain precautions you need to take. For example, you need to check your surroundings if you are out and taking a selfie. Sometimes people take selfies in the middle of roads and end up in hospitals. So Taking Selfie With Snake – Worst Idea Ever! Same thing happened with this man […]

  • Stray Dogs Destroyed Toyota Corolla in Turkey

    Can dogs destroy cars? Indeed a very interesting question. A pack of stray dogs do have an ability to destroy a whole car in minutes. This is what happened with a man’s car when he parked it outside of his shop. Next day the guy found the car in a very bad shape. The front bumper […]

  • The Guy Who Plays F1 Engine Sounds With A Guitar


    Who doesn’t love engine sounds, the sound of the rev’s going up and down when you shift that manual shifter. The sound of that free flow exhaust, oh my! If you love engine sounds, Mario Torrado is the guy you want to be friends with. Torrado can play F1 race car sounds on his guitar. This […]

  • Luckiest Dog in The World?


    A stray dog ventured into the path of a rally car in Santa Cruz, Bolivia during the Codasur 2016 race. Bystanders were unable to assist since the rally cars were passing by at that time. Later, a Mitsubishi Evo appears just in front of the dog. People thought this is the end, they were trying to shoo away […]

  • Dwayne Johnson Becomes The Highest-Paid Actor in The World


    Dwayne Johnson has now become the highest-paid actor in the world beating the previous record of Robert Downey Jr. according to Forbes. He earned millions in upfront fees charged for Fast 8 and Central Intelligence. His hard work is really paying off now. His last year’s movie San Andreas was a big hit. He has doubled […]

  • Curious Facts About Uber

    Uber is a fast-growing taxi service provider. Thousands of people depend on Uber for their earnings and going from one place to another. Here are some Super cool And Curious Facts About Uber. 10. Founded By Two Guys Uber was founded in San Francisco in 2009 by University of California dropout Travis Kalanick and Garrett […]

  • Angry Dad Destroys Son’s Audi A4 With Bulldozer

    The video shows a very angry dad destroying an Audi A4 with the help of a bulldozer. Backstory: The Dad saw his daughter driving the car with someone who “shouldn’t have been” in it with her. So the final outbreak was to destroy the car.

  • Singapore Unveils First Autonomous Taxi Service – Giving Out Free Rides

    Future is here guys. It’s time to arrive in style without your driver. A company named nuTonomy has started testing driverless taxi cars in Singapore. While the tests are being carried on, the chosen passengers will get a free ride. The user just needs a smartphone app to hail the ride. There are two types of […]

  • Fired Employee Caught Damaging Boss’ Corvette

    A CCTV outside an Auto Body shop captured a very angry employee making key marks on his boss’ 2008 Corvette Z06. Little did he knew that everything was being recorded. Now some backstory. Nicolus Thomas 33, used to work at the same Auto Body shop, he was fired by his Boss and he returned to […]

  • Toronto Taxi Driver Intentionally Hits Cyclist

    We don’t know what happened in between the cyclist and taxi driver, but in the video, it is clearly seen that the cyclist is hitting the side of the cab and then the cab driver intentionally turns the taxi and hits the cyclist. It is seen that the cyclist was not even wearing any kind […]

  • Extremely Rare Pokemon Causes Human Stampede In Taiwan

    As we all know Belgium has enforced fines on anyone who is found catching Pokemon in the local streets. That could happen in Taiwan too now. Since people are getting more and more focused towards the busy streets of Taipei near Beitou Park. This area is found to be favorite for extremely rare Pokemon nowadays. People are […]

  • Sales Girl Drifts Customers in Pickup Truck

    You go in a showroom and want to know more about the truck you are buying. So you go for a test drive. You think that the sales people do not know much about the cars and doing their jobs without any knowledge. But this guy was in for a huge surprise. The sales girl […]

  • Pokémon Go – Unknown Strange Facts And Trivia

    Pokemon Go game has started getting a lot of traction these days. It is a dream come true for those people who used to watch Pokemon Television series religiously. Now they can become a Pokemon trainer too. For those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what Pokemon go is, it is […]

  • Celebrity Wives Who Were Once Mistresses

    In a perfect world, everyone is happy, no one ever cheats on anyone. But in a real world that happens sometimes. When a significant other not happy with their life with their partner, they get a divorce which is bad, but sometimes they start affairs while they are still married. This leaves a bad impression […]

  • Would You Go on a Date with These Russians?

    Russians are known for their larger than life attitudes. They do everything very loud and live their life in a different way. For finding a partner, they have developed different styles. Here are some pictures of Russian’s found on dating profiles which are very funny to see. So our question is, Would You Go on […]

  • What if these Celebrities Gained Extra Weight?

    Everyone has a desire to watch celebrities in different shapes. If a celebrity is very thin, people tend to think how they will look if they were fat, and if someone is fat people often think what if they were very thin. Same thing happens with colors too, some time ago few people created Snoop […]

  • Pokemon Go Memes That Perfectly Sum up Our Dedication

    Pokemon Go Players are so dedicated towards the game that they would go anywhere to Catch em all! No doubt some people are getting in trouble by going where they should not be, and there are some cases of robbery too. But let’s not get into that and have some fun with these Pokemon GO […]

  • 20 Weird Things That Happen Only in Dubai

    When hearing or talking about Dubai, the first thing which comes to our mind is their ultra-luxury lifestyle. One can talk hours about Dubai’s luxury lifestyle and not get bored. We have compiled a few animated images which show daily life in Dubai which we don’t get to see here in America. So sit back […]

  • Pelican Swallows a Pigeon Alive

    Here is something we do not get to see every day in our life. Ever seen a pelican swallowing pigeon alive? Nope right? Check out this video and see for yourself. The pelican is trying to swallow the poor pigeon till the end of the video. Pigeon is still trying to come out, Pelican is […]

  • Live And Embarrassed! – Best News Bloopers of 2015

    Bloopers can happen at any moment, they are not pre planned. Whenever a news anchor is live on TV, they are extra careful not to speak any gibberish. A lot of their own dignity and respect is on stake. But the year 2015 was full of news bloopers, it’s not like 1990’s where anchors acted […]

  • Chevy Camaro Taken Down By Police

    Here is a dash cam video of Seattle Police Department on a high-speed car chase with a Chevrolet Camaro. The person in Camaro is a 35-year-old violent felon. This chase starts with a Black Camaro in this video, but before this, the person had already stolen 3 vehicles and taken out his handgun in public. He also […]

  • Have You Ever Seen a Tesla Model S Drifting?

    Here is something interesting we don’t get to see everyday. Ever tried drifting a Tesla Model S? Nope right? Exactly, this car is not made for drifting and racing. But the engine specs are very impressive and the four wheel drive system is awesome. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to drift […]

  • Endless Looping Animated GIF’s to Satisfy Your Inner Geek

    Creating endless looping animated GIF’s is not an easy job, but watching them surely is. Here is a collection of Endless Looping Animated GIF’s to Satisfy Your Inner Geek Let’s start the list with this perfectly looping hula loop Should I pour you some drink?

  • Guys Wearing a Jetpack in Formation With an Airbus A380

    Here is a fascinating video of two guys wearing a Jetpack flying with an Airbus A380. Video shows two Jetman flying wing tip to wing tip with the largest passenger jet over Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Skyline. This is truly breathtaking and amazing, since flying this close to the aircraft needs extensive practice and planning. Enjoy the […]

  • Weird People Captured on Security Cameras at Stores (+ Videos Too)

    The Shopping season brings all sorts of customers to a store. Huge stores with low prices get all types of people from all over the states. Some short tempered people who don’t want to wait in lines, to “extra smart” people who steal from stores during the rush hours. Our list contains images of people […]

  • Unbelievable Things Eaten By a Python

    Pythons don’t fear the consequences of eating unhealthy or huge amounts of food, whereas humans need to see what they are eating, whether it will cause bloating or not. A python eats whatever comes in its way. Whether it is a cow or a goat, python does not fear. So here are few Unbelievable Things Eaten By […]

  • Worlds Biggest Airliner Flies Very Close to a Helicopter

    It’s nothing to worry about. The helicopter is being used by a Media Agency for video shooting an advertorial for Emirates Airbus A380. It’s mesmerizing to look at the huge Airbus A380 flying just a few hundred feets beneath the helicopter. A video posted by Official Instagram Aviation™ (@instagramaviation) on Oct 16, 2015 at 10:37am […]

  • Mysteriously Abandoned Airplanes Around the World

    Airplanes are marvelous pieces of technology. It’s always exciting to see them fly around the world. Flying on them is fun, people get butterflies in their bellies when they fly on airplanes. After the end of service, airplanes have to go to junkyards, where they are recycled properly for their parts. But for some aircrafts, […]

  • Python Vs Python! Who Wins?

    Earlier today, I came across this video on youtube and was quite shocked that this can happen. A python eating another python? no way! So looks like, both were fighting over a rat and heat levels increased. This rarely happens, we have also seen, hippos killing hippos and other animals killing one of their own species. Python […]

  • 10 Amazing Uses of a Tiny Q-Tip

    Q-Tips are considered very harmful for your ears. They come in packs of thousands and we are just using them for cleaning our ears, NO? …. you can take more advantage of them by using them in different ways. They are the unsung heroes of the beauty world. So here we go with 10 Amazing Uses of […]

  • 9 Household Life Hacks You Never Knew

    It feels so amazing when you know an easy way to perform a task, it always feels awarding when your friends think of you as some sort of genius. So here is our another list of 9 Household Life Hacks You Never Knew. We hope you enjoyed our last list of life hacks. 9. If you are […]

  • 9 Real People With Actual Super Powers

    Super powers, according to movies are extra strength to perform a task or to blow up an alien easily. People with super powers look exactly same like normal people, but they have hidden powers, same as in real life, there are handful number of people who have these type of super powers, they cannot blow up […]

  • 20 Gorgeous Female Athletes You Could Never Be With

    You know a woman is drop dead gorgeous when you decide you want to marry her just by looking at her face. These 20 female athletes will leave you amazed with their beauty, but also kick some serious butt in their sports. Let’s start our list with: Ellen Hoog Hockey player and a member of […]

  • The Weirdest Looking Animals Without Fur

    We are used to seeing the animals with their coats on, we have never seen them naked 😛 , animals can be very hard to recognize when they are not wearing their clothes. Check these pictures of The Weirdest Looking Animals Without Fur 15. Cats Let’s start the list with cuteness overload. Everyones favorite cat, how […]

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  • 15 Cool iPhone Tricks, Not Everyone Knows About

    Tricks for smartphones make our life easier. These tricks include shortcuts so you can complete a task in very few steps. And when you start using all these tricks, you can save much more time for other work. This is a cool way to impress your friends and relatives, forcing them to think that you […]

  • 10 Dumbest Inventions That We Don’t Need

    Necessity is the mother of invention. We were taught this in our school. Looks like few people paid more attention towards that quote and invented useless things. No doubt they are genius inventions, but we don’t need them and are useless for few people. Here is the list of 10 Dumbest Inventions That We Don’t […]

  • 15 Unfortunate Wedding Occasion Fails – Animated Pictures

    Wedding is a one in a lifetime occasion where everyone gets ready for the big day. Everyone tries to look as professional as they can, but in the end you cannot hide what you are. Some events are unfortunate and someone’s gets hurt, and in some fails people get a good laugh of their life […]

  • These 15 People Had No Idea What Was Going on

    This happens a lot of time when reporters are recording their news and someone starts trolling in the background, these videos are then edited and recorded again, but sometimes this happens on live television where everyone gets to see what was going on. Enjoy and have fun watching these animated situations. 15. Freeze It! Police […]

  • 15 Hilarious Sports Fail Gifs

    Sports are always entertaining and a major part of television. Without sports, television is not complete. Sometimes our favorite sports people get into a little trouble while trying to maintain the professionalism. It’s always entertaining to see them doing this. Enjoy 15 Hilarious Sports Fail Gifs 15. Boys First Time? The little boy gets shocked by […]

  • 15 Mind Bending Pictures, Look Twice To Figure Out Whats Wrong

    Capturing a perfect picture is an art, that’s why photographers get paid high for their work. But sometimes a badly timed photo can turn the occasion into a lifetime memory. Here are 15 Badly Timed Mind Bending When You See it Pictures. 15. Guess Whats Wrong? You will have to look 5 seconds more to […]

  • 10 Tricks To Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

    Electricity bill can be a headache sometimes. During summer, this can lead to hundred’s of dollars wasted in bills. Every time we try to save some power, someone in our house ends up wasting it by just letting the garage light on for whole night. No matter how hard we try, the amount on electricity […]