Live And Embarrassed! – Best News Bloopers of 2015

Bloopers can happen at any moment, they are not pre planned. Whenever a news anchor is live on TV, they are extra careful not to speak any gibberish. A lot of their own dignity and respect is on stake. But the year 2015 was full of news bloopers, it’s not like 1990’s where anchors acted very very carefully and spoke professionally. The times have changed and this is 21st century, where everyone is online and we all know how news are made. News anchors have also started having some fun on the sets. After all YOLO.

So here are more than twenty news bloopers, whether they are intentional or accidental, they are all fun to watch. We have included all the images as animated ones, so you can have more fun watching them again and again.

There is an extra bonus for those who will keep reading till last page. We guarantee you will not regret it.

A full month in 1 picture

This above picture is not a blooper, but we decided to include it anyway. This shows all the hairstyles and dresses done by the anchor.