Mysteriously Abandoned Airplanes Around the World

Airplanes are marvelous pieces of technology. It’s always exciting to see them fly around the world. Flying on them is fun, people get butterflies in their bellies when they fly on airplanes. After the end of service, airplanes have to go to junkyards, where they are recycled properly for their parts. But for some aircrafts, the don’t get to see junkyards, because the airport was closed, or it was very costly to move them to a junkyard. As a result of this, they sit where they are, some of them get converted into restaurants or houses, some are left to rot in the open. Here are few pictures which we found exciting to look at. Have fun watching Mysteriously Abandoned Airplanes Around the World.

18. Boeing 727

This was converted into a home and being used for daily living purposes.

17. Another 727 converted for living


Talking about planes converted into houses. Here is another one which was carefully crafted to suit daily lifestyle and was converted to a hotel.