Taking Selfie With Snake – Worst Idea Ever!

When taking a selfie, there are certain precautions you need to take. For example, you need to check your surroundings if you are out and taking a selfie. Sometimes people take selfies in the middle of roads and end up in hospitals. So Taking Selfie With Snake – Worst Idea Ever!

Same thing happened with this man from India. The group had caught a huge python and they were going to release it somewhere. Out of nowhere this man appears with an idea to take a selfie with a snake, because why not?


The snake did not like the idea of a selfie and jumped upon the man to bit him. Now everyone knows that the pythons are not venomous. But if they bite you, they can take a good chunk of your muscles or skin.

Hopefully, the man learned a lesson and will not try it again.

Here is the video showing the whole deal.