Toronto Taxi Driver’s Heated Argument With Uber Driver – Video

While Uber experiences positive growth in Toronto and its nearby areas, the Taxi drivers are not happy and want to kick out Uber from Toronto. Taxi Drivers only earn money when they get hired by someone for a ride, for that they have to keep driving their taxi to get hired or wait in a line for a call. While for Uber drivers, its very easy and they can be anywhere to get hired, they don’t need to be in a line in order to get hired.

While Taxi drivers pay a hefty auto insurance for their commercial vehicles, Uber drivers don’t have to pay those high insurances and can only pay personal auto insurance prices which are normally low. This has led to protests from Toronto Taxi drivers since they are barely making it even with their high insurances.

In this video a taxi driver is protesting and showing his anger towards an Uber driver, while the Uber driver does not comes out of the car and drives it away as soon as he gets a chance, but what happens next is very dangerous, check out the video to see yourself.