9 Tricks to Wake Up Early From Bed

While you were a school going kid, waking up early was a daily ritual and it felt good, as we grow up, waking up early becomes a nightmare. Sometimes our body won’t help us and we end up getting late at 11AM feeling guilty about ourselves. Waking up early has so many benefits, there is so much time to work and you feel good about yourself. Here are 9 tricks to wake up early from bed.

9. Plan Ahead.


Start telling your brain that you have a meeting at 7AM tomorrow. You must wakeup at least an hour before the meeting time. Write this in your phone or any notes, make a schedule on what time you will wake up and what will you do during the day. Making plans actually helps your brain to get excited about the next day.


8. Go to bed early and avoid naps during the day.


Going to bed very early is not a common ritual nowadays, since there are so many obstructions like social networks and chat with friends, but if you want to wake up early, tell your friends good night. Taking a short nap during the day can mess up your night sleep’s schedule too, since your body won’t be tired, so stop taking those afternoon naps.


7. Set Minimum of Two Alarms.


How would you feel if you had only one alarm and you already set it off while you were super lazy in sleep, you missed your test or your meeting. This is why we advice you to set a minimum of 2 alarms, so if you turn off one by mistake, you have another chance of waking up. I used to set 3 alarms in both of my phones when i was in college to make sure i wake up on time.


6. Switch of Other Electronics and Gadgets.


Avoid browsing or playing games on your tablet or phone, this can be a huge time waster if you want to wake up early the next day. Don’t switch off your phone if you have your alarm set on it, just cut the wifi off, so you don’t get disturbed by any emails or social messages.


5. Read a Book to Vanish Other Thoughts.


While browsing the internet and reading memes can be a huge time waster, reading books or stories can actually help you to fell asleep. This works because your mind is thinking too much during the day and those thoughts can also come to your mind while trying to sleep, so in order to avoid those thoughts reading a book is helpful.


4. Get Up From Bed Immediately When The Alarm Goes Off.


Make a nice habit of getting up immediately after the alarm goes off to make sure you don’t skip the alarm due to morning laziness.


3. Resist The Five More Minutes Urge.


Everyone passes through this phase of sleep when the alarm goes off or someone is trying to wake you up, you say five more minutes please. This can be very dangerous, since i have personally experienced this, while i said five more minutes to myself, i ended up waking up after 4 hours. The feeling was so much worse. So resist the urge to sleep 5 more minutes.


2. Do Some Light Exercise or Yoga.


Exercise or yoga can help your body to get ready for the day. This will help your body to get rid of that little amount of sleep and laziness still inside your body.


1. Reward Yourself With a Nice Coffee or Tea.


After you have waken up and got ready for the day, reward yourself with a nice tea of coffee and a good breakfast 🙂  This will give you power to get through the day without laziness.