Stray Dogs Destroyed Toyota Corolla in Turkey

Can dogs destroy cars? Indeed a very interesting question. A pack of stray dogs do have an ability to destroy a whole car in minutes. This is what happened with a man’s car when he parked it outside of his shop.

Next day the guy found the car in a very bad shape. The front bumper was lying at the side of the car. He called police, thinking that someone tried to steal his car. But when they checked the security cameras, they were shocked!

They saw that the front part of the Toyota Corolla was totally destroyed by stray dogs. Thanks to the security camera they were able to find the true story. While this type of behavior is very unusual with dogs, but maybe there was some small animal hidden under the hood? or there is a possibility that the dogs were attracted to the smell of oils dripping from the car? What do you think, please let us know in the comments section.

Here is a video showing the dogs tearing down the whole front fascia of the car.