Fired Employee Caught Damaging Boss’ Corvette

A CCTV outside an Auto Body shop captured a very angry employee making key marks on his boss’ 2008 Corvette Z06. Little did he knew that everything was being recorded.

Now some backstory. Nicolus Thomas 33, used to work at the same Auto Body shop, he was fired by his Boss and he returned to pick his tools from the shop. He went to his Boss’ car and made some very bad key marks on the side, the car owner says it would cost him about $4000 to get the scratches fixed.

People do get angry and sad when they get fired from a job which is acceptable, but only in rare cases, they come back to take revenge. And this is what happened with this shop owner. He also added that: “I just had a feeling. I even said something as he was standing behind me, ‘You’re not going to do anything to my car are you?’”

Check this video to know more about the damaged Corvette.