Life Transformation of a Kid Who Went Viral For His Smoking Habits

At the age of two, Aldi Rizal from Indonesia received the International fame. No, he is not a singer or a dancer who won fame at the age of two. Instead, he achieved the fame because of his smoking habits. He became to be known as The Kid Who Vent Viral For Smoking Habits, Yes, correct at the age of two, young Aldi Rizal has the smoking habit of smoking 40 cigarettes a day. This was Aldi Rizal before six-years. He is now eight, let us check his life now.


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The story broke when the chain-smoking toddler attracted International headlines.

Aldi Rizal was seen by the whole world with the mixture of disgust, fury, horror and ghoulish curiosity because the boy is just at the age to start walking and talking. But he has already got a bad habit of smoking a good number of cigarettes each day.

Aldi Rizal at his addiction:

Smoking is terrible for your health which does not need to be clarified.

According to the reports, from one out of two smokers die because of this long-term smoking habit.

Aldi Rizal was on the wrong path as one of the youngest smokers ever seen.

His family members tried to get him on the right track but always there was something that troubled him to come on right track.


Interesting: Aldi Rizal cut down his smoking habit.

By reducing the number of cigarettes each day, his parents were able to cut down his smoking habits.

Sad, Aldi got void and addicted to another Habit.

It is obvious with addictive smokers, as this happened to Aldi’s life too. He felt a void in his life.


Aldi started eating to complete that emptiness in his life.

Aldi Rizal completely fought against his nicotine habit and now he got another dangerous addiction of Junk Food. He ballooned up to 56 pounds on a diet of condensed milk and sweets.

With his new addiction, Family had trouble dealing with him.

“He eats a lot,” his mom told The Sun, “With so many people in the house it’s hard to stop him getting food.”

His young age was the only thing that he was losing. If he would look around he could see his long life ahead.

Support of Family and his own power worked and Aldi finally came back on right track. 

The reports showed, that he managed to stay away from cigarettes and He’s now eating more balanced diet.

Six years back Aldi made international headlines.

Since the age of two, youngster fought to dangerous habits of smoking and eating junk food. Now at the age of eight, everything is fine with him and looks good.


Anyone can fight back against habits such as Aldi’s

The best support in bad times is family and friends, So don’t just sit back and let habit eat your health. Keep fighting against it, talk to your doctor, do some reading and make changes in your life.